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  1. Health Issues and Questions
    My very small 13 mo pure Havi had been 6.2# but two events happened simultaneously: 1. Lizzy went into her first heat and 2. She gained a 14 mo 13# Havi brother (show dog rehomed to me). I sit with both as they eat from two plates/same food and thought Lizzy was getting her share. Today I...
  2. Puppy Area
    Sorry for bringing this up again, but I need some advice/opinions! Brooklyn got his rabies shots this weekend and the vet freaked me out a little. We choose them because they had great reviews on Yelp and everyone there seems pretty nice so far. They weighted him again and this time (Sept...
  3. Puppy Area
    Hi, we just got our first Havanese on Saturday (now 13 weeks old) and we live in Northern Virginia! We already love him a bunch and he is great so far, but BIG. He has this week his first vet appointment, and I'll see what he says about his weight. He was born May 25th and on July 25th he...
  4. General Discussion
    Greetings, I was hoping people could share photos of their full grown havanese babies! My FI and I are having a hard time because he doesnt want a "tea cup" dog, and neither do I frankly, I think something in the 20 pound range would be a good fit. Would love to see and hear weights of your...
  5. Puppy Area
    Colby is about 4.5 months old and he weighs about 10 pounds. I thought this was pretty normal and the vet has never said anything but today at the pet store everyone was commenting that he was BIG for a Havanese and that he would probably be 20 lbs full grown! Does 10 lbs at 4.5 months seem...
  6. General Discussion
    How old is your Havanese and how much do they weigh? What age did you have them Spayed/Neutered and how did it change their weight or behavior?
  7. Health Issues and Questions
    Hi everyone, I am thinking about purchasing a older puppy (just under a year). The puppy weighs about 20 pounds. The breeder told me that his bone structure is just different from his litter mates resulting in a larger dog. After looking at pics. of him with his brother I can definitely see...
  8. Puppy Area
    Is there a gauge that can determine how much your Hav will weigh by his weight as a growing puppy? Has anyone studied the weights of puppies and looked at the weights as adults?
1-8 of 8 Results