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Hi Friends!

My mom was on this forum around the time she was considering getting me, 3 years ago! She's since forgotten her username and password so I thought I'd help her out with my own account! It's about time I learn how to type faster without thumbs-like my humans do... Life as a K9, it's ruff!

I've been the most amazing addition to the family, my humans can hardly imagine what it was like before me! I'm a goof and make them laugh all the time! Never a dull moment with me around! Unless I'm cuddling or napping, which are my other favourite things to do... Needless to say, Havanese pups are pretty much the best thing in the world, amiright?!

If you want to follow my adventures, my mom started an Instagram account just for me! @rookthehavanese
I'd love new friends to follow too, or if you're in my locale local meet ups could be fun!

xox Puppy kisses from Rook


1 - 5 of 5 Posts