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I've been playing around with a fun App on my phone called PhotoRoom, that allows you to cut pieces out of different photos then reassemble them into other photos VERY easily! Maybe not with the finesse of Photoshop, but SO much faster and easier!!! Things that would have taken me hours in Photoshop, I can do in just a few moment with this app!!! I ended up paying for the "pro" version because I know I'll use it enough for it to be worth it to me, but you can use it for free and it just puts their logo in the corner of whatever you are doing, and it's still fun!

Last night, I decided I needed a new phone cover that has ALL my dogs on it, since my old cover still has only Pixel, Panda and kodi on it. But I didn't have a photo I LOVED with all 4 of them together. Yes, I could have groomed them all and set them all up for a photo shoot, but this was SOOO much easier!!! LOL! (all separate photos of the dogs, and then another separate photo of the background. just stacked together in the app! I made it long enough to also be my FB banner, and just cut off the ends to make it fit my phone when I ordered the new cover.
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