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Advice please

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I've researched and posted on here, I know on the whole the havanese is a good dog for children, there loving and affectionate, I've heard they are suitable for seniors but just wondering how active this breed is generally.
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I general, they are quite active, and up for any adventure, but as mature adults also have a good “off button” and will settle for a rainy afternoon on the couch when that is appropriate. You can find the occasional “couch potato” Havanese, but that is not typical.
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Perry is my first but I find that he's generally ready to go if I am but also happy to chill on the couch... and if his energy level is a bit too high and he doesn't want to chill, 5-10 minutes throwing a toy around the living room is usually enough to reduce the energy level. But if I pull out the leash he'll walk literally all day with us.
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I brought Kamie home when I was 82. She house trained reasonably easy, even though it was November. I also crate trained her. I played with her a lot and we walked a mile most days on a leash. I have praised her zoomies and given her a tiny treat when she stops. Thus the zoomies give her running exercise. She still has a running moment each night with a treat. Now at Two years she has time to run and chase chipmunks and returns immediately to the deck. She sits on my lap as I read, Watch TV or now as I write this on my iPhone. She is happy to relax, to run, or to play. She is an amazing and loving companion to this widow.
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