Growing in popularity among families, Havanese are a happy breed that will get along with children and other animals in your household (pets and humans included). They don’t bark a lot, especially for a toy breed, and they are not huge shedders.

So why do they have the bad rap of being high maintenance?

Regular Grooming

Firstly, they require daily grooming. To prevent matty fur and promote a shiny fur coat, you’ll need to brush your Havanese every day. A grooming spray is recommended, allowing you to lightly mist you dog before brushing out his coat. Dry brushing can break the coat off.

Eye cleaning is another thing that should be done daily. According to Havanese Rescue Incorporated, “It is important to clean the corners of the eyes as well as under them each day. If there is excessive tear staining, please check with your Veterinarian as this could indicate a blocked tear duct or other problem.”

Nail trimming is also part of the regular grooming routine, as the Havanese breeds have fast growing nails, especially on their front feet.

Havanese have been known to have issues with their teeth. They can get serious infections or even lose their teeth if they’re not taken care of properly. The easy preventative measure here is to brush your dog’s teeth daily. You can get poultry flavoured toothpaste at the vet’s office or online, and chances are your dog will actually look forward to their dental session.

If grooming seems like a chore to you, then the Havanese is not the breed for you. However, for many dog owners, grooming is quite enjoyable and a regular part of bonding with your pet.

Separation anxiety

Being very social and forming strong attachments to their owners, Havanese dogs can suffer from separation anxiety, which leads to barking, whining, scratching, soiling and chewing. Everyone loves an affectionate pet, but neediness is never a positive trait.

This is where crate training comes in handy.

If you crate-train train your Havanese puppy, he will learn to cope when his beloved owners are not home. The crate should be a safe, comfy space, associated with delicious treats and familiar smells.

If you’ve read the above and still interested in the Havanese breed, then you’re in luck. If you can handle the grooming and training, your Havanese dog can be the ultimate addition to your family. Fun loving and easy going, these adorable dogs can adapt to their surrounds easily and spread joy wherever they go.