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Brooke says... I love… Butterfly Kisses

Brooke is a very happy pup and seems to know she's lucky. She came to HRI from another rescue group who got Brooke when a commercial breeding facility closed. She was found to have a severe inoperable heart defect and the other rescue asked us to take her.
At first 14-month-old Brooke was very shy and hid behind plants and furniture, but after 2 weeks, she took a chance on the world and never turned back. Her foster family showed Brooke the joy of sleeping on the bed, playing on the beach and being adored.
Brooke found her forever home just 7 weeks after she arrived at HRI. Her family knows they may not have her in their lives for many years, but they love her without reservation. Brooke lives joyfully and charms everyone she meets.

The Butterfly Kisses quilt is so beautiful - as little Brooke is.

Pictured below are three of the wonderful blocks made by talented Havanese Forum members

Every Little Thing by Christy Thompson

Joey's Smile by Laurie Frangione

Basket of Cheer by Michele Raiola

Fly Away by Suzi Bowden

To see a video showing some of the scenes behind the Butterfly Kisses quilt, please click here. You'll be moved at the beauty and the love and attention given to create the quilts. (You'll also get a peek at some of the Havanese that have inspired the wonderful quilt blocks). Thank you, Julie!!!

Brook wants to remind you that your support of the Havanese Rescue Quilt Project helps Havanese like her have a happy future. Please be generous! To enter the Quilt drawing, click here http://www.havaneserescue.com/index.php/hri-rescue-quilt-project/enter-the-drawing

Get your tickets by June 20th to be entered in an EARLY BIRD DRAWING. This is your chance to win 1 of 2 $100 gift certificate to the Hav to Hav It store! All tickets received by June 20th will be entered in the bonus drawing held on June 27th. All tickets will also be entered in the quilt drawing!


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