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What insurance do you have? I have Healthy Paws and Perry just recently had surgery to fix a twisted leg. The twist is likely hereditary (and/or a combination with an injury before his bones finished growing) but the vet wrote up his paperwork (accurately, not lying) as a "left thoracic limb deformity with recent onset of lameness" - basically saying that the limb was deformed but that the lameness was the issue that was being corrected by the surgery.

Healthy Paws policy though doesn't specifically exclude hereditary conditions that were present before signing up for the policy (there is a 30 day waiting period) but I was worried that they would deny this one (it was over $5000 US) but they paid it very quickly.
We have Healthy Paws for Finley. She is the first pet we've ever had insurance for, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Fortunately we haven't had to use it yet, and hopefully never will, but it's reassuring to know you had a good experience with them.
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