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For quick potty trips I would definitely consider picking them up and carrying them the minute you think they need to go out. I know that when they're small like that, that any pause - to put on their harness/ collar or even to open the door :) can be too much for them.

If you are going out on the street rather than your yard and want to use a harness, I would suggest one that pulls over their head and that you can slip on after you pick them up, while holding them.

I agree. Since I STRONGLY recommend potty box training, I would be picking up the puppy and transporting to a litter box. No need for any "clothes." When I DID take Ducky out, first thing in the morning, because he already did know about outdoor pottying, because I had started the litter on it, I would pop in into an ex-pen set up on the grass. Same thing. No need for a collar or harness. he was contained and couldn't wander. Limited distractions, too.

I wish I'd thought of putting up an ex-pen for pottying my older ones outdoors as puppies, actually! It made things VERY easy!!! I had started it with the litter to keep them contained, and just continued it with Ducky once the others left!
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