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Ducky and His Ducklings

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Thought I'd share some photos of Ducky and his kids playing outside today. He is such a sweet, gentle dad with his pups! I also wanted to mention that in these photos, Ducky hasn't had a bath in 10 days, and hasn't been touched with a brush or comb in at least 4 days, and I think he still looks pretty darned gorgeous! I LOVE easy-care coats like this!

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What lovely pictures! You can see how patient Ducky is with his kids. ❤

Is there something special about his coat that makes it easy care? All I read about on other sites is how easily they mat and that’s why so many people shave them down.
Part of it is that both of his parent (and both of ZT’s parents have the non-curly gene. The curly gene makes coats MUCH harder to maintain and many breeders don’t test for it, or if they do, are just careful not to breed two carriers together so they don’t end up with Poodle-like coats. But even a single curly gene can make coats difficult. But there is more to it than we can test for genetically, unfortunately. Some lines have more frizzy, thick undercoats that just mat more. Ducky has a lot of undercoat, and ZT has MASSES of undercoat. But in both of them, it is still silky soft and not prone to matting. Most will STILL mat through the “dreaded coat blowing”… I was REALLY lucky, and Ducky didn’t even mat much then.

Also, NO Havanese should need to be “shaved” unless their owner allows them to get BADLY matted. Even a Havanese with a Poodle coat can be kept in a short puppy cut and look adorable. But people need to get them groomed BEFORE they mat, and new Havanese owners are often not aware of the matting, and do not comb them down to the skin. They do not understand how to groom a coated dog And don’t keep on top of it.
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I guess I’ll have to wait until Ollie’s adult coat comes in, fingers crossed! His dam and sire both look straight but they’re in full coat. Would that weigh down any curl? I did all the grooming and clipping on my Miniature Poodle and she was easy enough but a Poodle’s coat is coarser than a Havanese. I can imagine a curly coat with the fineness of Havanese hair would be extremely difficult!
You really can’t tell if a dog has a single copy of the curly gene from looks. I have a friend whose dog has a single copy, and her coat LOOKS as straight (or straighter) than Ducky’s, and she has less undercoat. But she mats like crazy.
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