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Ducky and His Ducklings

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Thought I'd share some photos of Ducky and his kids playing outside today. He is such a sweet, gentle dad with his pups! I also wanted to mention that in these photos, Ducky hasn't had a bath in 10 days, and hasn't been touched with a brush or comb in at least 4 days, and I think he still looks pretty darned gorgeous! I LOVE easy-care coats like this!

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They are all adorable and Ducky is gorgeous! You're absolutely right about the easy-care coats!! I keep mine in varying puppy cuts but Naomi and Archie are easy and don't need as much attention when it comes to grooming. Archie is the easiest and so far I've kept his hair longer than the others. Oliver has the curly gene you speak of and more than makes up for the ease of grooming the other two! I have to trim his head and face in a completely different fashion than the others. If I don't, he just ends up with a big fluffy afro that makes him resemble the likes of Bob Ross (the painter)... but imagine if Bob Ross had equally bushy facial hair 🤣 . I'm waiting to see how the coat blowing will go with Archie who just turned 9 months old. I keep Naomi and Archie's head and leg hair longer and clip their bodies to whatever length suits my fancy in the moment.
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