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Bun Bun has finally been able to control herself enough around the kitten for us to allow the kitten out of the back room for a couple hours at a time instead of only 20 minute windows of time. They really love playing with each other and are going to be great pals. It only took 4 weeks LOL! We have named the kitten Polly since every time my husband picked her up the first week, she would make her way to his shoulder. Here are a couple pictures taken yesterday morning. I call them "family devotions"
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Adorable! One of our cats give the pups a good work out in the morning. The other one ignores them completely. But it is fun to see them play together!
What an adorable fur-endship! It’s precious they like to play with one another! So positive! Your doing a great job introducing them together! -Newfie and Cally
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