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Ok I have added two things to the forum.
One is you can now invite people to join.
If you go to your user cp, at the top it will say Invite Someone, or something like that. This will be nice for everyone to get the message out and also for breeders who want to help new puppy buyers, etc......

I also added a groups feature. This is KIND of similar to Yahoo groups.
You can create a group and you choose if its public or private. You can choose who to invite. They do have to be a forum member. If you want to invite a non-forum member, you can invite them to the forum via the user cp, and once they join invite them to your group.

To get to the groups page, go here:

There are a couple of broken links Im trying to fix, so to get back to the forum homepage you will have to just type it in your browser or erase the groups part from the address in your browser. Im trying to fix that.

Also now you can see who is in the chat room. There is a box on the homepage to the right. The chat room is a really cool feature. When you are in the chat you can click on the persons name and start a private chat with that person.

Let me know if anyone has any questions!
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