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As the year comes to a close I wish to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all our subscribers and contributors. I hope the diversity of our content continues to entertain, inform and educate.
I know I enjoy reading about Havanese in places I've never been. This issue we have an article about the Havanese in Lithuania which was certainly not something I knew about previously. Bill Burns writes about some adventures in breeding. Steven Ng continues his excellent educational pieces on how to take great photos of your dogs and who among us does not wish to improve in this area?! Saki Fry tells us about her new apartment in LA from her own unique perspective. Lyn McLean has a piece on her Itsy Bitsy Teeny Tiny Havanese in New Zealand. Anita Rademeyer shares some personal experiences with relationship games from South Africa. Trina Kennard introduced the Havanese to Australia and here begins the tale. Our special piece this issue on another small breed, The American Cocker Spaniel, by Kelly Ladouceur, is very informative. CJ Johnson continues her adventures with Jasmine. Karen Simpson and her Sophie share a long journey home and back in pictorial format. Suzanne McKay expanded on a piece she'd written earlier about the hazards to your dogs around the holiday season. Suzie Kalman has another humorous piece she titled The Call of the Wild as she continues to entertain us with the exploits of her beloved Bichon and Havanese, Hugo and Milo. Teddy Green, my favourite Trainer, educates us with a piece called Small Dogs Rule. Tom Wettlauffer's piece titled Honey, We Need a Fourth for Bridge, is exactly what you guessed, Tom's added another dog. Battling the Dog Food Conundrum is an informative piece from Jacqueline Carney. And as always we have some Havanese history first hand from Cuba and the pen of Zoila Portuondo Guerra. As a special bonus Terry Mosher, (www.aislin.com) has contributed a Havanese cartoon styled on his own much loved Sparky. I wish you all the very best in this holiday season and a very happy new year.
As always our Readers have shared many random photographs with us and we've contributed a few of our own. I'm told many Havanese people still did not know that our magazine exists. For those of you that do, and enjoy what you read, please help spread the word.
If you are not already a subscriber, you can subscribe now. Please do so by clicking on the link or going to the Subscribe menu on the top menu bar. Join with us on our journey. Remember, I can't do it without your support. This magazine is for you, the greater Havanese community. Subscribe, advertise, join us.
Thank you,
• Nathan Potechin
Editor and Publisher
• The Havanese Breed Magazine

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