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Issue #8 of The Havanese Breed Magazine is NOW available!

I burned Issue #7 onto CD and sent it off for inclusion into the "hospitality bags" being handed to every single exhibitor July 20th at the 2011 US National Specialty in Raleigh, North Carolina. We'll do the same for the 2011 Canadian National Specialty August 25th. If you've never yet seen the magazine please load the CD into your computer or iPad or whatever you use, and take a look. If you like what you see, please subscribe: www.havanesebreed.com/subscribe. The only caveat is sharing our love of the breed.

In this issue Bill Burns leads off with an informative article about how you get started in the sport. It isn't as easy as you might think, not if you do it properly. Saki Fry continues her ongoing dialog about herself and her little brother. Always a good read. Jacqueline Carey put together an excellent article on preventing intestinal parasites, which had a good once over by our local Vet. Joan Weston shares her usual educational and informative instructions in her day to day work with dogs with issues, in this case barrier frustration. Claire Paulson shares her thoughts on all those things she does while preparing for a dog show, timely with both the Canadian and US national specialty's coming up shortly. CJ Johnson continues her philosophy in life that she learned from her dog. She calls today's lesson living life to its fullest. Then we have a two page pictorial of a Havanese get together recently held in Florida that Karen shared with us. Anyone else holding such gatherings do the same and share your photos with us for the magazine. We all enjoy seeing them. Steven Ng writes an excellent column, always something new to learn on taking great photographs. This issue he focuses on accessories, small things that can really make a difference to the quality of your end result. Suzanne McKay takes us outside the box in a specific discussion on how to determine the size of your dog, keeping in mind that all the Havanese Breed Standards have a minimum and maximum height restriction. I take a shot myself at convincing you of the importance of taking an obedience course. It's good for anyone and any dog. Take a course. You will not regret it. Suzie Kalman continues to entertain with her amazing stories of her life with a Bichon and a Havanese. I've met them and I swear it's all true. I added a small article about the difference between Breeders. Even if they say the same, sometimes it means something entirely different. Teddy Green is an excellent dog trainer. Her column this issue discusses the importance of a solid recall. Recalls are fun and a good recall could save your dog's life. Ted Wettlaufer regales us with stories from his home on the beach in Florida, this time from the viewpoint of his Havanese named Kai. Wendy Allenby shares a few facts from the U.K. with us and an amusing anecdote which resulted in a column aptly titled Of Spring Shows and Nutty Professors. And Zoila Portuondo Guerra writes of her personal interaction with Dorothy Goodale. We owe a debt we can never repay to Dorothy Goodale. Reading about it from Zoila's point of view is something I always appreciate and anticipate.

As always we have lots of photos of Havanese sent in from places far and wide. We all love seeing them and sharing these great candid photographs with all of you.

We welcome your comments. If there is a subject you'd like us to cover please do not hesitate to let us know.

For all those of you that do advertise but have not been advertising with us, it is time. My focus and attention has been on articles, layout and design but now it is time to get your support as we continue into our second year. We are here to stay. Won't you join us? Perhaps you have a product or service to offer to the dog community, people such as us, maybe your beautiful dog or bitch just won their championship, won a Group 1st or a Best in Show, completed a leg in Rally competition, completed that next level in Obedience, earned Master Gambler in Agility. Brag. You have the right to proud. How awesome is that?! Time to share it with the rest of us. Please contact me directly to discuss your advertising needs for the next issue.

Above all, enjoy the read.

If you are not already a subscriber, you can subscribe now. Please do so by clicking on the link or going to the Subscribe menu on the top menu bar. Join with us on our journey. Remember, I can't do it without your support. This magazine is for you, the greater Havanese community. Subscribe, advertise, join us.
Thank you,

Nathan Potechin
Editor and Publisher
The Havanese Breed Magazine
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