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Owning a dog can be a responsibility as serious as getting married or buying a house. This living, breathing creature is now dependent on you for care. Naturally social beings, canines will look to you for behavioral guidance when interacting with people, their environment, and other animals. It can be easy to detect a trained pet from a distance. Reading an animal's cues can be a sixth sense for some people and they will often keep themselves, and their pets, a distance away from any dogs that might seem to be even remotely unstable. The anxiety induced through this, for all parties, can be something you would probably rather avoid. Fortunately, this can easily be remedied through obedience training.

Learning to Understand Your Pet

The most basic commands to teach your dog are: sit, stay, heel, and come. This can be an effective means of communicating with your pet. He does not have words to speak back, so working with your four-legged companion can help to not only bond with your pet, but also establish clear signals that allow you to understand him better. Trust is also important, because when instinct kicks in, you may want your dog to feel comfortable coming when you call. Especially if there is something that scares him, such as a storm that causes him to run outside, knowing he can rely on you to protect him will likely encourage him to return despite his fear.

Training Your Pet

Of course, it can be simple to just look up some basic guides online to see how you can promote obedience on your own. There are plenty of good resources, including forums from experts with varied opinions. However, not everybody has the time, or patience, to work with a pet. There might be concerns they may somehow mess up badly and damage the poor animal's mind. Whatever the reason for your anxiety, though, you should know that any quality of time spent with your pet is valuable to its socialization.

Another option is to simply find an obedience school that caters to your pet's needs. Training is absolutely necessary for a happy and respectful pet, so especially if you don't have time on your own, it can be essential to find someone who can do it for you. If you would like more information on obedience school for your new puppy or are interested in references to help train them on your own, please don't hesitate to ask us any questions. We know how important it can be to have a well-trained dog and are happy to help ensure yours is among the best.

Are You Looking for a New Dog?

If you are trying to increase the amount of love and cuteness in your home, then it is time to get a new dog. Contact Central Park Puppies to find out more about the dogs we provide.
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