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Hi There, I have been trying very hard to post a picture of Jasper to come up with my posts. I've tried in "gallery" and I have also tried under "user CP"

In user CP it said my picture was too big so we made it smaller and it looks really bad and it still doesn't come up with my posts (but it is there in the members list)

In Gallery the upload just "failed"

Of course I would love to share a picture of what I think is the most beautiful havanese on the planet (although I have seen a lot of good competition in the looks category on this site) Can any one tell me how to do it?

sorry to be a pest.

could it be that we have a MAC?

thanks for your help.


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You're right Missy, Jasper IS beautiful! :) I love seeing everyone elses Havanese!
When I look at my Cooper I think to myself "he just couldn't be any cuter" but his
pictures just don't come out good. I think I need to hire Melissa!

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