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I fell prey to one of those Facebook ads and picked up a 'Tangle Teezer' (for people) when I was at the Ulta store. Fezzik hates being groomed. The array of brushes we have is huge so what is another one?

The Tangle Teezer is this plastic palm sized thing with rubbery tines at 2 different lengths. On big mats it does nothing but all those little micro ones? Not too bad at all. Fezzik must like the feel of the tines because he doesn't run away or flail about when we brush him. Not battling him to the death to groom him daily is so nice. We still have to break out the mega tools every couple of days but the Teezer makes it easier and quicker.

When this one get destroyed or broken, maybe I will try the 'Pet Tangle Teezer'. :love:

P.S. The cat LOVES it. Major purring.

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Hey, anything they like is a win! 馃挄
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