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If you've flown to Europe in the last year with your Havanese in-cabin, I'd love to hear from you.

I am moving to Germany and I am most concerned about enforcement of requirement for dog to be able to stand up in its natural position and turn around in the carrier. I've lived in Germany before and taken a dog with me before, just not in the cabin. So, I'm not worried about the microchip, health certificate, USDA endorsement, timing, etc. as I've been there, done that and am on track this time around as well. My dog is current on rabies and other vaccinations. The vet knows we will be coming back in July for the health certificate once the flight is booked. I am not sure yet what airline I will be flying but I absolutely will check each and every one of their requirements.

My dog weighs about 12 lbs. The weight of the dog and the airline-sized carrier combined should come in under most if not all weight limits. I will buy a new carrier if I need a different size based on airline. My dog loves small spaces and often hangs out in her carrier for hours and does great on excursions. She goes in head first and easily turns herself around. She does this maneuver in a partial crouch. She can partially, not fully, stand. I'm afraid this could be an issue.

Does anyone have any experience to share, specifically any problems with the airlines themselves?

Thank you.

UPDATE: I will be flying Lufthansa. Pet confirmed on flight. We will be good on pet & carrier weight limit. However, their height restriction at 9" is ridiculous. The carrier should be able to scrunch down to 9" if truly required to fit under seat. Has anyone had recent experience flying Lufthansa with their Havanese? From what I've read (some of it dated), Lufthansa weighs but does not measure. Can anyone confirm or deny? Thanks.
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