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Another cool feature! We now have journals.
If you look at the link at the top you will see Journals. Click on that.
You can view others journals and create one of your own. Read mine to get an idea. Its just like a blog. If you want to ramble on and on about your dogs or anything for that matter, you can do it here. Its good for stuff you just want to say and dont want to clog a thread, or start a new one. That way people can check in on your journal, ( or your dogs journal...haha) and see what you are up to.

You can make them private, but I dont see why you would want to?
Unless you only want certain viewers to see them. Again, I think the fun in it, is sharing.

Also, you have to be a registered user to see or create any journal. This prevents guests from seeing everything you have to say. Another good reason to register!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts