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This is our Lily. She is now 8 months. She has been a real wild child. We are new to Havanese. We had a very laid back female schnauzer forever. I got Lily because I fell in love with a very sweet male havanese I saw out shopping over a month or so. I missed our girl so much, and this little male seemed so sweet, affectionate, and friendly. I had done no real research I just went with my heart.
At 68, having a new puppy after 15 years has been a roller coaster ride.
we are making it ( most days) after a trainer, two completed puppy classes ( working on our third, endless research on the breed, a million hours on potty training, and a patient husband when I’m losing my mind.
Puppies are not for the faint hearted. And all of them, regardless of breed, have their own personalities.
Our Lily has been challenging, but so smart and funny. She loves dayplay with other dogs, enjoys being petted and complimented when we go shopping, and loves our yard. She has chased squirrels through the woods, followed a bird dog on an adventure through the woods, run down a quiet road to find me, and shredded all the pine cones she encounters. She is never, ever boring!


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Welcome. 😀 Just wanted to say, I feel your pain. LOL I’m three years older than you and my puppy is three months younger than yours!
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