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What a cutie but the color changes are so amazing Lola was almost all black and now has so many other colors like white tannish silver …and she’s not even 2
It’s something so fun about this breed.
thanks for the info!
the silver gene is really interesting because it seems to affect each dog differently. I was pretty sure that Perry was a silver when i got him at 8 months old (he had a touch of white between his toes and he had/ has the more reddish areas around his face that are often signs of a silver) and his sister was very silver already at 8 months old... and through the years you could see some bits of white hair popping out throughout his body, especially in his tail, and at 6+ he's still adding more silver, but his silver, for the most part, is more like a dull black (charcoal gray) against a dark black and, other than a few specific places, you have to really look for it.
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