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All fluffy and cute after her bath today. Panda says I share photos of her son too often, and I needed to share her picture too! 💕 View attachment 178301
I think that "smutty" nose is more common than not on black and white parti to one extent or another. But not all Nauti Havanese have it either... Boodles doesn't, nor does Astro's sister, QT:
View attachment 178302

OTOH, my puppy, "Jelly Bean", (who became Boo), had SO much black surrounding his nose that it became like a very striking "double mustache"!
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My guy, Little Louie, has had that black around his nose ever since he was tiny. It hasn't really changed even as he has gotten older. View attachment 178304 View attachment 178305
These pictures are too cute for words! ❤
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