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Ollie and Fireworks

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I was concerned about what Ollie鈥檚 reaction would be to fireworks this weekend. I鈥檓 on the sixteenth floor of a high rise so can see (and hear) more than one display in the area. Not only was Ollie not bothered by the noise, he stood at the window and watched them! 馃ぃ
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Mia did not develop a fear of storms until age 7 when thunder struck close to our house. There was a huge bolt that took out some appliances. It was not normal thunder.
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My yorkie developed a fear of smoke when he was a puppy because my husband started the fireplace without opening the flue! The house got pretty smoked up before we figured it out. For years afterwards my yorkie would show fear around any kind of smoke. I guess we have a living smoke detector!
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Both my dogs will bark if large birds fly overhead. We do have birds of prey around here so I can't say I blame them. It is not really the sound that bothers them.
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