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Ollie and Fireworks

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I was concerned about what Ollie’s reaction would be to fireworks this weekend. I’m on the sixteenth floor of a high rise so can see (and hear) more than one display in the area. Not only was Ollie not bothered by the noise, he stood at the window and watched them! 🤣
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That's great!! We are on a peninsula surrounded by waterfront homes where the thing is to outdo your neighbors with launchers built into the yard. They launch them out over the lake. Pam and I will have a few dogs in the chairs with us behind our backs and buried as deep as they can get unti the show is over.

We probably have the most bombproof (literally) horses that anyone has. I used to sit out there with them years ago, but now they don't even lift their heads from grazing.

Decades ago, we carried one of our ponies and our daughter to a county fair that the 4H club was giving pony rides at for a fundraiser. Before the fair opened, the other people with horses there tied their horses to a chain link fence. They told us to tie Storm to the fence with the other horses while we waited for the gates to open. We politely declined. They said their horses were calm quarter horses, and could be tied to anything, looking down their noses at us.

When the fair opened, they simultaneously set off a big fireworks show. The calm quarter horses that could be tied to anything left with the chain link fence. Our daughter and Pam gave a long line of children lead line pony rides while all the other horse people went to find the other horses. Fortunately, none were injured.

We have a Lot of fireworks here, and don't need to go anywhere for a big show. We are in the middle of them.
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