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I appreciate your sharing a bit more of Boo’s health and diet journey. The more information we can have, as we endeavour to raise happy healthy dogs, the better I think. Before getting a Havanes, we had a mix Bichon, Shitzhu, Yorkie and she lived to just before her 17th birthday, and old age only seemed to creep in at age 16, when medications became a part of her life too. We felt very blessed for all the years we had. With Ivy, we are trying to learn as much as we can about the breed and what might be best as far as diet etc. There has been so many changes in foods and the thinking around diet over the years. We have come across mixed messaging, and much contradictory research about healthy diets for dogs, and we really appreciate learning from other Hav owners what they have had good experiences with. Like you, we also believe good veterinary care and regular grooming, mixed with lots of love, can help ensure a healthy dog. Along with good genes, of course!😌
Pet Summits is currently doing a series on dog nutrition. They usually have lots of good information.

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