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Hi everyone! I am still working my way through this puppy phase with Jaxon. As mentioned in a previous thread, we were having issues with him in his crate once he learned to get out of the ex pen. KRandall gave me the suggestion of Crate Games. I have used this and it has helped. He runs right in when I say 'go to bed'. The anxiety/barking while I am away has not subsided. I tried moving the crate to a more central location (well what he may think it is as I have an open floor plan) and it hasnt helped.

I noticed when I moved the crate there was a dark yellow/brown splattering all over over my wall. It almost looked like coca cola had been spilled and some splattered and dried. I cleaned it up and didn't think much of it.

This afternoon I was cleaning my hardwoods and moved his crate from the new spot to clean....Low and behold, that same splattering is there. Its different in its size, shape and pattern but its definitely the same. It smells too once I get it wet:puke: Is it possible he is 'spraying' little amounts of urine on the wall through the gate??? I haven't ever noticed his bed in there being wet but I dont check it anymore either. There are no marks or puddles at all on the floor or around the crate. Its very evident when he pees on the wood.

He was housebroken until he was neutered and we've had a few issues since but they have subsided for the most part.

Has anyone heard of this or experienced it and know what it is he may be doing?
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