Hope this is the right place to put this!

I am starting to feel more encouragement to post about my pet portraits! I have been illustrating/painting commissioned pet portraits for about a year, though I have only had a small amount of business so far. I'm not the best at advertising my work. 馃槄

My website is here, where you can see rates for digital paintings, my portfolio, and order a portrait: pawtraitsbygabby.com

Here are some examples of my digital work:
Dog Vertebrate Dog breed Carnivore Mammal

Dog Dog breed Carnivore Working animal Sleeve

Dog Vertebrate Carnivore Dog breed Mammal

Dog Eye Dog breed Carnivore Jaw

Additional examples can be found on the website!

I am happy to make a portrait of any animal:)

I have also recently started taking commissions for acrylic paintings but so far I only have one example to share:
Dog Carnivore Dog breed Art paint Paint

I will update this thread when I have more acrylics to share:) Should be soon!

Please PM me for rates on acrylic paintings, I'm flexible with budget.

You can easily place an order for a digital portrait through my website (thanks to my mom for building it for me!) or you can PM me or email me for details.

My art email is [email protected].

I can't wait to paint for you guys! 鉂も潳