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Hello Havanese Humans!

We were the very happy and proud humans who belonged to the most wonderful Havanese who sadly passed away two years ago. We were spoiled by the absolute best breeder experience--visiting her home, seeing the puppies at six weeks and then taking our puppy home at 10 weeks. She seriously vetted us and we knew that she cared more about the well-being of the puppies than making money. We are still in touch 15 years later and we love her. Unfortunately she is no longer breeding.

Our dear Sunny passed away due to CHF 3 1/2 years after his diagnosis (which was three years longer than the vet originally predicted). The last years were very difficult (eight pills a day!) and emotionally draining. I know our breeder did health testing, etc. and still our poor pup had CHF, which at least half of his litter mates also had. This experience makes us especially conscious of the importance of health testing of the parents. We want to do everything possible to make sure we get a healthy puppy.

So long story... we, like many people want to get a puppy now. The pandemic is a good time, but my husband and I work from home, so really any time is good for us. We are just emotionally ready now, while the demand has skyrocketed.

Normally we would visit the breeder if local, or at the very least fly to pick up a puppy. Both of those options are not possible now.

I have found a breeder who has puppies (at a greatly inflated price) within a somewhat reasonable driving distance. We won't be able to visit the home. They are listed on the AKC site, which should mean they are reputable, but I am not so sure.


Is a listing on the AKC site a good endorsement? What are the requirements to be listed on the AKC website?
If you could not visit a breeder, what questions would you ask (and documentation would you require) to make sure you are getting a healthy puppy?

Thank you so much! Also, I don't know if this is allowed because I am new here, but if you know a reputable breeder, please send me a private email.

Metrowest, MA
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Unfortunately, a listing on the AKC site means nothing but that they paid a fee for the ad. :(

I believe there is a pinned post in the puppy section of things to look for in a good breeder. I think that would help you! It would also help people here to know what part of te country you are in to know whether they might know of a reputable breeder in your neck of the woods that they could refer you too!
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