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I may have to start marking my own treats. I just want to give him something special once a day when I go out and he goes to his crate. He was a big separation anxiety dog when I got him. He seems to have gone backwards recently so I wanted to show him that it wasn't all bad being left alone. A special treat once a day. He seemed so happy to get something different.
I can PM you a recipe from Enzo's breeder for liver treats. Beef liver should work, though I usually make it with chicken liver. Depends on what other problems he may have with food though, since they do contain some grain.
I also recommend looking into Ziwi's air dried food - many dogs find it delicious and rewarding to eat as a treat (their treats are literally the same product just in a smaller bag and more expensive).
Alternatives would be freeze-dried raw treats (depending on how you feel about giving raw food). They are usually single ingredient. It's possible to make freeze-dried treats yourself, too, if you feel more comfortable with that, but I believe the process can take up to 2 weeks.
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