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This. People tend to think AKC has a lot more "power" than they have. Think of the man behind the curtain in the "Wizard of Oz". They have an office in NY with not a ton of staff. That staff was cut DRAMATICALLY during Covid.

If you think the website is bad NOW, you should have seen the "old" version. THIS iteration (new as of, I think, three years ago or so, is a breath of fresh air. But they did just farm it out to some web designer, probably the lowest bidder, who knew nothing or very litter about dogs, and said, "get'er dun". There BIGGEST goal was to make it more "pet-owner friendly". accuracy was not on the top of their wish list.

As fairly a regular user, I have to say SOME things are WAY easier than they used to be. It is REALLY nice that you can do all registration work online these days. That makes things SO much easier than the "old days".

You'll find out more accurate information about Havanese on this Forum than on the AKC website.
I really enjoy this forum, and agree that it contains so much helpful information for the Havanese parent(s). Although Boo will be 19 in October, I must admit that I know little about the AKC and UKC. In fact the other day, I came across Boo's registration papers and realized that registration had never been transferred out of the breeder's name lol.

On this forum, there are people from many different backgrounds but they all love the havanese breed. I never take any remarks personally, as everyone expresses themselves differently. Although I do wish there were more folks with older Havanese on the forum.
61 - 61 of 61 Posts