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Sorry, Enzo...

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.. I'm terrible at putting in a top knot!
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At least your eyes are visible this time 馃槅
In theory, I know how to do it, but in practice it's not easy for me! He's wiggly too. He knows a chin rest on my hand but I need to change the target to a cushion or something... even then hed probably struggle to stay still!

Also probably going to invest in one of those no spill water dishes to help his beard stay cleaner.
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No one believes me when I tell them he has eyes 馃槶
Once my sisters saw Issac with a topknot I got a 鈥渙h! He does have eyes!
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Enzo looks so cute with the topknot. He has very pretty eyes.
Is no one afraid that one of these wild beasts would rip out the elastic and eat it??? Raises hand, count me in.
I do worry about Issac doing that so I tend not to put his hair up unless we are out and about together. If he is spending time on his own in his puppy pen i leave his hair down.
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