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Well, I know that I fell off the face of the earth but puppy raising (while balancing everything else) is hard work. Tatum turned 5 months old on May1st. He has grown but is still a little thing who loooooves to cuddle. He is also a loving pup -- I cried the other day (long story) while we were both on the couch. He looked at me, tilted his head, crawled into my lap, stood on his hind paws, and put his face close to mine . . . as if to say, "There, there, now . . . stop all this nonsense. You are going to be fine." How could the tears continue? It was just not possible! (I'm fine.)

He had his first grooming session and the groomer said that he was such a good boy. "He is really calm." And he is. I've never had a dog so chill. He's still eating a raw diet but we are slowly moving to a freeze dried raw diet. He tries to be picky but I'm not having it. I will re-serve the same exact meal he refuses for breakfast at lunch. He eats when he either gets hungry enough or he realizes that his mother will not give in to his whims. LOL. He definitely has preferences and favorites, which I am okay to provide for him.

He seems to like living with us. Lots of toys, cuddles, and folks around to play with. We live in a neighborhood with lots of dogs so he's got lots of canine friends. Lots. Everybody knows him . . . he loves people and is super friendly. He is up to date with his vaccinations.

Training is going well. He can sit, sit to say please, lay down, wait for his meal and not charge his bowl, touch, high 5, shake, and stay . . . all on command. (Phew! Stay was hard work.) We are working on roll over. For Tatum, that might take some advanced study.

So, I decided to check in and let you all know we are well. Tatum was worth the wait, a sweet best friend, and the best thing I've done (since my children). Even my husband, who was slightly grumpy about getting a puppy, has fallen in love. That Tatum is a miracle worker.

The two pictures below were taken weeks apart and are before groom (April) and after groom (May).

I hope everybody is well! Thanks for allowing me to share Tatum with you!

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Awww! Tatum is looking as cute as can be! Thanks for checking in!

Isn't it amazing how they know when we need to be comforted?!?!

You might find that he is outgrowing "lunch", and dropping it, will get rid of his "fussy" eating. I remember that with my first puppy, I worried about him skipping meals at about Tatum's age, and I spoke to his breeder. She suggested that he probably no longer needed lunch. The minute I stopped offering lunch, hr no longer skipped meals! I just added the extra food into his breakfast and dinner! None of mine have kept eating lunch past 6 months...D ducky stopped much earlier!

Good luck with your cutie, and don't be a stranger! We love updates!
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