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Bun Bun usually wakes me up at 6:30 to come into the living room to sleep on my lap for an hour every morning while I read my devotions. She spent the night at her "grandparents" house last night and will be staying there again tonight because my husband and I will be gone all day. The couple that watch her when we need a date are the sweetest, and even had my husband install a doggy door so she can easily go in an out to their fenced back yard. They are like any grandparents and spoil her rotten while she is with them. They let her sleep on their bed (at their feet), while the bed is a no-no at our house.
At first we just had this couple watch her while we were out of town, but now I think we will take her over every month for a night or two for their sake. They are an elderly couple who have been really isolated during the pandemic. The gentleman has allergies and has COPD. He normally can't be around animals because of breathing issues, but has no problem with Bun Bun because she doesn't really shed or have dander issues. THEY LOVE PUPPY SITTING.:love:
I am hoping they all have a fun time today while my hubby and I are out enjoying ourselves knowing that our little girl is in good hands and not stressed at home alone all day.

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That is SO NIE to share her like that!!! 馃挄 馃挄

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I love my dogs but would occasionally LOVE to 鈥渟hare them鈥. I have never had anyone to share them with until recently. We now live close to my husband鈥檚 parents and they babysit once in awhile. What I cannot figure out is when they watch them they are low key and do lots of napping. When they are with me they seem to want to walk more, hunt miles more, etc. I have suspected my in laws of using some doggie downers but they claim they are innocent!
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