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Do you guys think these seem ok to chew on: BONES & CHEWS Made in USA Beef Knee Caps Dog Treats, 2 count - Chewy.com

I bought them (they come tomorrow) but now I'm having second thoughts if they're ok to give? I know she'll love them, but I'm sort of confused over what bones (if any) are considered "ok"?

The thin bully sticks she rarely gets because she consumes them in a sitting (which is too many cals), the thicker bully sticks she'll chew on for a bit but quickly grow bored of after a day or two (same with yak chews and pig ears). I wanted to try something new.

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I avoid giving Scout and Truffles anything hard to chew on. Scout had two lower molars extracted due to having a crack with an abscess. Truffles has had a few teeth extracted for the same reason. The dentist said it was due to chewing on something hard. I'm pretty sure it was caused by chewing on bully sticks.馃槵 She said it wasn't a good idea to give them anything hard to chew on.

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Beef bones are extremely dense and are notorious for tooth breaking. Cooked bones are dangerous because they tend to splinter. A chunk could break off and be ingested. This chew would be way too risky for me. Some say that a RAW knuckle bone is a good recreational chew because the shape requires the dog to sort of scrape the meat off of it vs. bite down on it which is what breaks teeth. However, this is cooked vs. raw and not sure it is a whole knuckle bone.Too risky IMO. I think your gut is telling you something!
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