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Hello everyone.
I have been growing out Milo's fur since he was a puppy. I have been grooming him myself as it grows out and have learned quite a few tricks. It is still a LOT of work, but the look is so preferable to me that I keep at it. He does have one leg that is short due to a hip surgery (FHO) but it is growing back in nicely. About 1" now since May.

We are traveling to South Carolina for a week soon and I am concerned about the sand, wind, heat for him. I have made every accommodation for my baby you can think of - cooling gel pads (non-toxic), jogging stroller with wheels for the beach (can't believe I spent money on that! ha!), battery operated fans, water containers for dogs, etc. I am a master at this point of getting mats out, but I worry this will all be too much and my vacation will be spent just drying, brushing and trying to get out mats each day.

For those who have clipped your Havanese down to maybe 1.5"-2" then let it grow back, how long does it usually take? For those who have taken your Havanese to the beach, any recommendation?

Thank you so much.

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If Milo stays out of the water it won't be a problem. Truffles has never had her coat cut short. She usually goes to the beach about three times a week...she's at the beach now and just got groomed yesterday. I never notice sand in her coat after going to the beach. She's afraid of the waves and will not get close to the water. Scout will run along the shoreline and get his paws wet and sandy, but the sand falls off after the coat dries. Scout's coat is about 2" long and needs to be groomed at least every six weeks to keep it that length. I would think it would takes many months to regrow the coat to a long length. Several years ago there was a thread about Louis after being shaved. The thread is "Hair growth progress." Bring a brush and comb and have a wonderful vacation! 馃彇

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Sundance grows pretty fast so he鈥檚 been cut shorter and grown long again pretty quickly. Growing completely out takes a little less than a year, but to just get fluffy again only takes a couple of months. Even though the rate of growth doesn鈥檛 change, clipper cuts takes the longest to recover from. When it鈥檚 cut short with scissors it seems to look better fast. Clippers cut with every contour, and it looks cute when it鈥檚 short but when it鈥檚 growing out it doesn鈥檛 look natural, imo. So if you decide to go short and know you鈥檒l grow it back out, I鈥檇 just go for a longer puppy cut with scissors.

How old is your Havanese and is he in full coat or just on the longer side? Does he like the water? I haven鈥檛 taken mine to an ocean beach yet so I鈥檓 not sure about the difference sand makes. Lake sand hasn鈥檛 been a problem. My adult Havanese has a higher maintenance coat that needs more frequent combing and as long as his coat is in good shape without a lot of broken ends, I can get away with a brush for a week as long as I detangle well with a comb before I give him a bath when I get home. He鈥檚 gotten wet when and I wasn鈥檛 able to dry him but I brush him after he air dries 75% or so in the sun and it鈥檚 been okay. He might end up with a couple of small mats around his butt when we get home, but really not bad. The exception was when he went in chlorinated water. His coat really soaked up the chlorine and it was pretty dry, he needed chlorine shampoo and to be thoroughly brushed afterwards and I didn鈥檛 brush him until the the next day I think. But that is partly his individual coat texture/porosity, and he had air dried before without a problem so I didn鈥檛 consider the chlorine would make such a difference.

We don鈥檛 travel a lot but after Sundance got marshmallow stuck in his coat while camping I started taking conditioner with me on trips regardless of his length, just because it can be helpful in a pinch. If he gets really wet and messy you can give him a quick rinse with conditioner instead of a full bath. The nice thing too is you鈥檒l be in the sun. I鈥檝e also used diluted conditioner to clean up dirty feet quickly.

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Kodi LOVED the beach when he was an 鈥渙nly dog鈥 and we did not limit him. Simply rinsed him thoroughly with the sprayer, then poured conditioner on him, then blow-dried and combed him out. Kodi was never cut down until he was 10 years old and an illness (of mine) made it necessary.

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That said, if you choose to cut him down, a good rule of thumb is an inch per month for hair growing back.

With four, I have to admit, the idea of dealing with 4 wet sandy coats is too much for me!!! LOL!

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I live at the beach in Virginia (recent move) with a 2 year old, hav. Jax has a shorter coat maybe 3 inches all around. We only take him on the beach right before he needs a bath, he loves the water but so so messy. I groom and bath him about every 10 days. He picks up quite a bit of sand on our daily walks but it does tend to fall off, all over the house which drives hubby crazy. A bigger problem I have recently noticed are the prickers in the grassy areas, he has gotten them on his feet, ears and snout , will go nuts trying to get them off only making the situation worse. I am now walking with a comb which seems to be the best way to get them out. Enjoy the beach!
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