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Happy Thanksgiving everyone ( a day later). Perry did not have his favorite day. He was the best he's been with cousin Zadie ( standard poodle), didn't bark at her at all for the first time and even ran around a little with her but he does NOT want to stop barking at my other sister's 10 week old Norwegian elkhound Lycka. She's completely adorable and pretty well mannered and brave but at 6 1/2 pounds is a little intimidated by being barked at by Mr. Perry being a brat! So, Mr. Perry spent dinner in his crate which he tolerated but was not happy about. All the people and dogs completely exhausted him though because he crashed most of the rest of the day :) barking at that silly puppy must be exhausting!

I keep telling Perry that he should play with her now, she won't stay his size for long! I think he wants to play but isn't quite sure how si just barks at her instead.
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