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Hi, I haven't been on the forum in a while.
Ricky isn't doing well and I'm starting to research breeders.

Has anyone heard of Wysteria Havanese in Washington state?

I've been emailing with Debbi and she does all the health testing and seems passionate about her dogs, pups & puppy parents!

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you again for sharing your experience, you saved me a lot of heartache!!
Just one Ricky trying to help out another Ricky! Hang in there amigo.

There are good breeders right in your backyard in the Bay area, I will send you a couple of recommendations. Perhaps some of the Bay area members of HF (HeatherGlen?) can give you some recommendations too.

besos, Ricky Ricardo

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Hi there! Would you be willing to share with me please? Thanks!
I don’t think he’s on the forum anymore, but maybe someone else on the forum knows Debbi/Wysteria. I haven’t met her, but my younger dog’s dad is from Wysteria (Morado), which was a repeat breeding, and her breeder just had another litter w a different one of Debbi’s boys (Sir Nic)… so I know my breeder thinks highly of her and her dogs. I would say ask all of the questions about health testing, early socialization, potty training, how she does assignments, etc, and see if it seems like a good fit!
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